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Blog Licensing schemes to watch in 2018

If you thought 2017 was a busy year, 2018 is the year when activity is ratchetted up to warp speed! With mandatory licensing being extended in April, here are a few noteworthy dates for forthcoming licensing schemes across the UK.

8th January 2018 - Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council has already held three selective licensing scheme consultations, in the areas of Cumpsall, Moston and Old Moat.

The second approved scheme, in Rusholme and Moss Side, comes into force on 8th January 2018.


8th January 2018 - Walsall Council Consultation

Walsall’s selective licensing consultation comes to an end on the 8th January. Covering the wards of Willenhall, Walsall Town Centre, and adjoining areas. Mooted licensing fees range from £614 to £1,790.


7th February 2018 - Doncaster Borough Council

Costing £515, a five-year licence through The Home Safe scheme covers a designated area of Edlington.


23rd February 2018 - Sheffield City Council

The council is consulting on a selective licensing scheme which will cover the areas of London Road, Abberydale Road, and Chesterfield Road which covers southwards from Sheffield Centre and then out all the way South West, closes on the 23rd February.

Expect fees in the region of £750-£1000.


1st March 2018 - Sefton Council

Sefton Council has approved a selective licensing scheme in parts of Bootle which comes into force on the 1st March and will last until the 28th February 2023.

Expect a new online application process (using Rocktime's verso™ HMO Licensing software) and fees for a licence of £695.


1st March 2018 - Brighton and Hove City Council

In November 2017, Brighton and Hove’s nine ward additional licensing scheme came to an end. In March 2018, a new citywide licensing scheme will take its place. Expect fees of £200 per room with discounts available for accredited landlords.


1st March 2018 - London Borough of Havering

Rolling out a new online application process powered by verso™ HMO Licensing software,  Havering Council will be going live with an additional licensing scheme covering  the wards of; Brooklands, Elm Park, Gooshays, Harold Wood, Havering Park, Heaton, Mawneys, Petits, Rainham & Wennington, Romford, South Hornchurch and Squirrels Heath.

A discounted fee rate of £412.50 will be available until the 28th February 2018 and a standard rate applicable from 1st March of £550.


5th March 2018 - London Borough of Haringey

In December 2017, Haringey Council launched a twelve-week consultation on a proposed borough-wide additional licensing scheme and a selective licensing scheme in twenty-nine of the council’s areas.

The council will soon be launching a new online application process powered by Rocktime's verso™ HMO Licensing software.

A fee structure of £500 for a selective licence and £208 per unit of accommodation for an additional licence is to be expected. With a 50% discount being proposed for both schemes for applicants applying for the first 3 months of the scheme going live.


21st March 2018 - Wirral Council

Extending of the current selective licensing scheme to cover 4 new areas (Birkenhead Central, Birkenhead West, Hamilton Square and Seacombe St Paul’s) is currently being consulted on by Wirral Council. This consultation is live until Wednesday 21st March 2018.


1st April 2018 - Luton Borough Council

Luton Borough Council is introducing a selective licensing scheme in the areas of Biscot and Dallow, and parts of South Farley and High Townwill.

Expect fees to include a £110 base fee then a £110 fee per bedroom, with a £110 discount available for accredited landlords.


1st April 2018 - Woking Borough Council

Landlords of the Canalside, Maybury, and Town Centre areas of Woking would be well advised to apply for a licence prior to April 1st 2018. By doing so they will not be charged a fee. On and after this date a fee of £560 will be payable.

Once the licensing scheme is in force, Woking Council aims to inspect every private rented property within the selective licensing area.

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